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ZODB Scaling

ZODB Scales by adding ZEO application servers. In Zope Corporatins their largest deployment they had as many as many as 50 application servers. And that means way more than that Web Clients.  Sharding is not used, but NEO allows multiple relational databases to serve ZODB data. 


Sharding is the process of splitting a database across many files.  ZODB does not do sharding.  If it were to do so, it would have to do two pahse commits across multiple files, and that woudl take even longer.  

Jim Fulton writes:

"In particular, if transactions have to touch
multiple shards, then shading will be slower.

The only way sharding is going to be of much benefit is if
transactions are unlikely to have to write to multiple shards and
arranging that is hard."

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