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Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is very popular in the market, and the ZODB supports it, but AWS is not the best choice for districuted python objects. First of all, S3 only gives you a two level hierarchy of objects Buckets, and objects, ZODB gives you a tree of objects, much easier to manage. Secondly Amazon architecture is not publically available, hard to reason about it. Third Amazon cloud front only caches the objects after the first call. And then times them out. What you need is something allows you to automatically distribute the objects when a new versin is released. And finally the Amazon reliability statistics are great, but that is for a single object. A real application has multiple objects, and so reliability may be worse for the entire application than for any one object.

Disclaimer. I have not used AWS, and I could be totally wrong. This is just my opinion. Please let me know if I got it wrong.

Amazon Cloud Front

Amazon Cloud Front delivers your S3 and other objects around the world and gives you a rich selection of ways to control it. Signed URL's, GeoControl, QUery String Control, and lots more. Read the detailed docs.

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