The Trees

Here is where the different tree examples are shown. 

PrivaCVSkillTree  includes a simple tree of skills.  Right now about 80 skills. Soon about 1000.  Browse the tree.  Look at a market.  Add a skill.  Maybe you coudl do this on a relational database, but certainly harder.   

Other trees are needed.   Skills will be followed by trees for geographic locations and citizenship.  That will allow me to create a list of all the python developers in Krakow for example. 

Zopache Tree is my hierarchical blog.  This page is on It is quite a large tree. 60 nodes or so.  See how fast it loads?  We can browse this tree of objects using the Zopache development environment.  That demonstrates the concepts of traversal, and object publishing.   You access objects by traversal.

Person Model

In this section I cover how I model people as trees in PrivaCV.

Zopache IDE

Zopache iteself is a javascript web development environment used to buld both zopache.coma nd privacv.   Web sites are trees of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Image, and File objects, so it makes sense to use a tree to represent and edit them.

I invite you to Register and then link to your own blog postings and software packages..

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