ZODB is for Graphs Trees

These are the slides for a talk about ZODB being used to manage trees.  The talk was first given at the Krakow Python User group.  


This talk will present several examples of persistent trees implemented in Python on the ZODB. Zopache.com is a hierarchical blog. PrivaCV has a tree of skills/job markets. PrivaCV members are represented as trees of objects with different permissions on the different branches. Zopache itself is a browser-bsed Javascript development environment, where the user builds a tree of HTML, CSS and Javascript objects. We will conclude with a discussion of the issues involved in choosing to use ZODB for storing trees for new python projects.


Here are the links used in this talk. 

ZODB is for Trees

 Trees are very important for managing complexity.  The human factors experts say that we can only deal with 7 items at a time.

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