JSTRee looks great.  Does everything I need and nothing else.  Single spacing.  Fancy tree was too fancy.  

RFP FancyTree


The website   PrivaCV.com is currently using the TreeView library, but it has problems. TreeView has double spacing between lines which consumes way way too much space. Treeview does not use a json tree. Creating the whole DOM tree consumes too much client resources compared to only creating the part which is displayed. The goal of this project is to migrate the candidate edit forms to JSTree. 

There are several parts to this project.  I have written three json urls.  jsonSkillsWithSelectedNodes, jsonSkillsWithoutSelectedNodes, and jsonSelectedNodes.  jsonSkillsWithSelectedNodes has all the information, but multiple disk accesses may be required.  jsonSkillsWithoutSelectedNodes can be cached, requires just  a single disk access, but does not know which nodes are selected.  Then  jsonSelectedNodes can be accessed with another single disk access, but it needs to be merged with the jsonSkillsWithoutSelectedNodes on the client.  The client will need a show/hide button to show/hide the selected nodes.  And he will need a search field to find where say "python" nodes are on the tree. Finally when clicking on a node, it should be selected, grab the correct html frament from the server, 

privacv.com/markets/<node name>/getHTMLFragment

And populat the div called 'skills' with that html fragment.  Clicking the 'x' on the fragment should make it disappear, and make that selected node unchecked.  


  1. jsonSkillsWithSelectedNodes
  2. jsonSkillsWithoutSelectedNodes
  3. jsonSelectedNodes
  4. privacv.com/markets/<node name>/getHTMLFragment

  5. treeHeader

  6. treeFooter

  7. Eneable developer privileges on your candidate account. 

In practice the different urls may have shorter names.  The long names just provide an easy to understand introduciton. 


  1. Grab the json tree with selected nodes and displaty it and submit properly. 
  2. Generate the correct html for the questions for that  nodes. It should submit correctly.
  3. Activate the 'x on the html fragment so it self deletes, and unselects the node. 
  4. Make it single spaced.
  5. Limit the number of checked boxes to 20.  Pop up a nice message pane if the user attempts to check more than 20 items. 
  6. Add Filter functinality.  Hide unmatched nodes, Show leaves and branches,  Auto Expand.  What happens when too many nodes are selected?
  7. Add show/hide button functionality. 
  8. grab the json tree without selected nodes and json selected nodes separately and do all the above. 

Technical Details.

So the first thing to do is to post your resume on privacv.com, and see what the skill tree looks like, while you are editing your information. 

You will get a candidate url such as:

http://www.privacv.com/data/pau/person/<your number>

but of course <your  number> will be say 28. 

Then take a look at the json feed of skills at oruvacv.com/markets/jsonValues

and oruvacv.com/markets/jsonSkillsNoSelectedValues

You will be doing this project Through the web, on top of the zopache server. You can take a look at the tools here:URL NEEDED.  When the project starts I will give you a different account with your own private passord,

If you get this project, I will add  two files to your privacv account. to that folder, "TreeHeader" and "TreeFooter ".  When you look at the candidate edit pages  those files are included in the  page header and footer.  If those files do not exist, those pages will generate an error and not display.  Go ahead and try it.  

 You will be accessing two urls. 

​You will be able to remove all of the objects from the candidate tree model, then your web page will only display the jstree of skills. 

The jstree libraries will be installed by me here at: http://static./privacv.com/jstree

Evaluation Criteron

I am not sure how I am going to choose the vendor. I am okay with your not having a track history on elance.  Nor is it important to have jstree experience.    I will read everyones proposal, and see which two sound best, look at them more closely, and then select my chosen developer. Reference web sites are great.   If you point out any deficienies in my spec, that gets you brownie points and helps everyone.  There is some benefit to being in the european time zone.  Easier to work with you. Not required in a ell defined project.   If you have a blog that I can read to evaluate your knowlege and intelligence that is a big plus.    And price is always a factor.  Since this is the first time that I am doing this, I am not sure who I will choose.  I will go with my instincts in choosing a person. 


I believe that this is a very well defined project.  The lesson from software development projects is that well defined projects are less expensive, which is great because price is important to me.  

Future Work

This is the first stage project.  After this is done, I will want to move and citizenship, locations over to fancytree. 

Also when clicking on a skill, I want the field for years of experience to show up int he form.  






I invite you to Register and then link to your own blog postings and software packages..

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