Well first of all trees are hugely important. Have you ever tried to use a website and choose from a list of hundreds of countries. The first thing that they teach you in human factors is never have more than 7 items in a list, trees and hierarchies make it so much easier for users. Sadly trees are hugely missing in the Grok/Zope World.

The challenge is to find the library that does what I need, and nothing more. The first package I chose, TreeView just turned HTML lists into trees. That was easy. But it turns out I need ot be able to handle large lists. 1000+ Nodes. And the person needs to be able to search the lists. Only fancy tree does that.

So how should you choose a tree package? Go to FrancyTree, and see all the features it has. Figure out the features that you need, then find a package that has only those features.


Well this product uses the JQuery Dynatree package to generate tree widgets. At first I was disappointed that it used Plone. Then I realized it was for trees of Text Strings, rather than trees of objects with names. I could be wrong on that. It says the license is some simple license, but the says it is GPL. Duh. If it is Plone Centric, then it has to be GPL. So I chose not to use it.

Fancy Tree

Fancy Tree has all the features that I need. It can handle 10K node trees, has a search box, and displays single spacing. Perfect. So I will be using it. Sadly it has too many features, but the simpler libraries do not have the features taht I need, so fancytree for me. But I do worry that it is too complex.


This is the newer release of Treeview which I am currently using. Very simple system, but does laod from json. Really simple demo. I have to generate the html for each line. No problem. Saves too or from Javascript, but maybe not configured from the server file.


JSTRee looks great.  Does everything I need and nothing else.  Single spacing.  Fancy tree was too fancy.  

TreeView is currently using treeview. But it has two problems. One is double spacing,it takes up too much screen space. The more serious problem is that it is not based on JSON, works on the whole dom, so takes too much resources.

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