In the zope world, there are many topics that cut across different products. Such subjects are documented in this section.


On this branch of the tree, I discuss the different options for form libraries and widgets. zioe,formlib does hte basics. Z3c.form is brilliant. It needs megrok.z3c.form. And of course all of them suffer from the problem that widgets are dispatched. Thankfully that is quite easy to fix.

Indexing with Hypatia

Hypatia is the most recent cataloging/indexing product built on top of the ZODB. It comes out of the Pyramid project, so it is quite indendent of Zope, or any GUI. Just a straight python library.

Simplifying Grok/ZTK

Grok is wonderful software, but it needs to go on a paleolithic diet.   A role model is the  Pyratemps templating engine.  Just 500 lines of code! Here is their philosophy:


It seems that perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Terre des hommes

Technology always develops from the primitive, via the complicated, to the simple.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

These pages explore what needs tob e done to simplify Grok.  

It is good to keep in mind Occam's razor:
“Entities (concepts) must not be multiplied beyond necessity”
It is not lines of code which we need to minimize. It is the concepts. Historically people speak of productivity as lines of code. "That is like measuring progress on an airplane by how much it weights" Bill Gates. Functinn Point Analysis is better. Measuring number of unit tests is also a good measure. But both of those encourage complexity. Minimizing the number of concepts (classes) maximises productivity.

The Internet of Objects

This section covers traversal, the act of finding an object, given its URL. Object-Oriented developers believe that the interent will evolve into an internet of objects, where every real world object is reprented by s aoftware object, which lives at its own URL. Or if the information about an object is divided among servers, then it will be represented by a list of URL's. To get from a URL to its object, in an object oriented database one has to traverse the objects.

ZODB is for Graphs Trees

These are the slides for a talk about ZODB being used to manage trees.  The talk was first given at the Krakow Python User group.  


ZTFY is built on top of ztk by Theirry. It supports a rich ZMI, but he stops short of TTW development. His technical support is brilliant. His knowledge is fantastic. But sadly, AFAIK, no one else is using his packages. But there is some great software in there.

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