Single Page Web Platoform

Here I review different options for single page web platforms. 


In backbone you access individual objects using a collection, and the id within the collection.  No global ids.  Not good. 


Batman is a bit like Meteor, but no longer actively maintained. 


Great article on technology. 


Amber has model objects, accessed by Class and by Object ID.  HUH?  I thought you got hte class from the object id, not the other way around.  Good for a relational database, not for an object server. 

List of Javascript Frameworks

Hers is the list of frameworks. 


"The special thing about collections in Meteor is that they can be accessed from both the server and the client, making it easy to write view logic without having to write a lot of server code. "

This sounds like abuot the right approach. 


Spine has object ids, but objects are looked up by class and id.  No good. 

Single Page Web Applications Book.

Good book about single page web apps.



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