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Blog Postings

You can also create blog postings which contain a title, a description, and rich HTML content.  The HTML is  edited with either the WYSIWYG CKeditor, or the more technical Ace Editor.  Private blog postings are  also indexed in the Zopache directory. 

Group Blogs

 The group blog is organized as a conceptual graph.  Nodes are called categories, and can hold other categories, postings and links. You create content in a particular category in the group blog.  That content is immediately displayed, and also shows up in your private blog.  You can edit your postings, links and categories in your private blog.  Those changes show up immediately in the group blog.   You can delete your posting and links, in your private blog, and they are deleted immediately in the group blog as well.  You can only delete the group categories you created if  they are empty. The manager of the group blog is  responsible for organizing the group blog.  Let me know if you want to help manage the group blog.  

Private Blogs

 Private blogs are organized as a tree of private categories.  Private categories only show up in your private blog.     Private categories allow you to organize your private blog differently from how the group blog is organized.  You can rearrange your tree of private categories.   When empty, you can delete your private categories.   

Private categories contain other private categories, your postings, your links and links to the group categories you created.   When you edit your private postings or links, those edits show up in the group blog.  When you delete your links and postings, those objects are deleted from the group blog.   When empty, you can delete your links to group categories and the correspoinding group categories are deleted. 

 Within your private blog, you are free to reorganize your tree of links, blog postings, private categories, and links to group categories however you want 

I invite you to Register and then link to your own blog postings and software packages..

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