Zopache is being used interally as a secure browser-based Javascript development environment.  It was used to build which enables users to control who has access to their professional information.  To build an applicatin, you edit a tree of HTML, Image, CSS, Javascript, and other more advanced objects. Every object has its own url. Authorized users can view, manage and edit the objects.   You control authorization.  

There are many browser-based web development environments.  THey let you build static html sties.  There are many content management systems, where you can contribute content, and can control who has access to that content.  There are a few Javascript development environemnts, all but two, require unix skills.  And only Zopache allows you to build a website where you control who has access to javascript-based web pages. is my blog about Zopache, Grok, Zope, ZODB and Python. It is written in Zopache, and organized as a subject tree.

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