Why is the Pyramid Job Market written ing GROK/ZTK?

I love  python, objects, the ZODB and Object Traversal.  I want to have nothing to do with relational databases and URL dispatch.  They just make the system more complex.   For ZClasses, I needed zope.schema.  For creating CRUD Forms from zope.schema I needed zope.formlib.  For displaying a person (represented as a tree of objects), I needed z3c.form.  If you want to build a corporate application with some security on it, Pyramid is fine.  But since I wanted to build an application where the users control the security on their folders, articles and groups, I very much need zope.securitypolicy.  Nothing else like it out there.   So there are specific technical reasons why I choose Grok/ZTK.

But the issues are deeper than that.  There are two deep phiolosphical difference between the Grok/ZTK approach and the Pyramid approach.  Pyrmaid is focussed on cmoputational performance.  I am focussed on developer efficiency. Labor and time to market are more valuable than servers.  For me development speed is much more valuable than computer speed.  So rich libraries with lots of useful functionality is what I prefer. 

 Pyrramid takes the currently popluar approach of lots of small libraries performing different functions. I see things as a graph of objects all interconnected.  There is a tree of objects (ZODB).  Objects have fields(zope.schema).  Those fields are displayed in forms (zope.formlib,z3c.form).  Those forms have security requirements (zope.securitypolicy) based on where they are in the tree of objects.   Objects are accesse by traversal.  Securiy is accesssed during traversal.  I just do not see how these pieces can be build separately from each other.  I live in a world of object graphs.  Graphs are interconnected.  

  I prefer the power of monolithic frameworks.   I want a rich framework that does a lot for me.   Pyramid offers a very stripped down minimalsit environment.  Choose your database, configuration options, user interface, and security machinery.  

In any case, I find it very interesting that the PYramid Job market is built in Grok?ZTK. 

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