Zopache is the only secure browser-based Javascript development environment.  It was used to build which enables users to control who has access to their professional information. 

Here is the list of competing products.  Let me know if I missed any. 


Browser Based IDE's

Here I list the competing products.


Harp is not browser based, but they totally have the right idea.  They are really the vision for Zopache.  The also serve templates, partials, .ejs markdown and .style objects.  


Pyramid and Zopache have the same geneology, but are philosophically very different.  Pyramid is focussed on the needs of corporate developers.  Zopache is targetted at end users.  Corporate developers want to use relational databases, url dispatch, Apache, unix, github, buildout, setuptools, pypi, python, WSGI and vi.  End users do not want to deal with any of those technologies, they want user-friendly browser-based technologies, like ckEditor, ACE Editor and the ZMI.



Zope 2 is the original zope.  It provided the inspiration for Zopache.  So what is the difference?


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