Learn Jade: Port your Resume

A meaningful way to learn Jade is to port your resume to Jade.  Start by learning the Jade basics. Use the HTML-to-Jade converter to do most of the work.  Then do the interesting stuff. Use jade includes to include a single element, maybe different introductions depending on the URL.  Use Jade Extends to make a whole suite of changes.  You might have a short version of your resume, and a long version of your resume.  The short one is quick to read, the long one has all the gory details.  They both share the same layout.  And of course it is easy to do multi-lingual resumes. Use JSON to bring in dynamically changing data, maybe your availability date.  

Zopache makes it trivial to manage a family of resumes. In a spam-flooded world, the average human resources person allocates 8 seconds to scan your resume.  If the introduction does not have the right buzz words, she hits the delete button.   To get their attention, you need a family of resumes.   They should have different introductions. They may have different job descriptions.  They may be in different languages.  They should leverage Javascript.   Zopache makes it trivial to manage such a family of resumes.  PrivaCV.com makes it possible to only show the resume you want to the hiring manager.

To manage multiple resumes, you create a tree of folders.  Each folder has its own URL. In the root folder you place your basic resume template and possibly the default introduction and job descriptions.  The basic resume template imports the relevant content. The branches below that are for different markets. Maybe one for SQLAlchemy, one for Django, and one for Ember.   Each market folder has a different introduction.    The branches below that might be for different jobs, maybe you emphasize different parts of your work history..  When a browser accesses a folder, it uses the local content, and acquires the other content from parent folders. So when accessing the Django market folder,   it acquires the basic resume template from the root folder, which imports the local Django introduction.   For a particular customer, you might have a local local job description, but acquire the introduction from a parent, and acquire the resume template from the root.  Once you understand acquisition,  this makes it really easy to maintain a family of resumes.  

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