Basic Web Objects

Basic Web Objects make it easy to put up web pages.  Basic web objects include Folder, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Image, and File objects.  Folders allow you to create a tree of objects. Each object has its own URL.  HTML, CSS, and Javascript objects all hold the relevant content type and all support the gorgous browser-based ACE editor and syntax checker.   HTML objects also support the WYSIWYG ckEditor.  Image objects store images.   



CSS objects are edited with the ACE editor, which checks their syntax.  


A Folder in Zopache is much like a folder on your operating system.  But instead of holding static files, it holds dynamic objects.  You can add objects to it.  You can also select items using the check boxes on the left of each row, and cut, copy or delete them.  Once you copy them, a paste option appears, to paste the copies into the current folder. Navigate to the folder where you want to put those copied objects,and hit the paste button.  


HTML objects are the core of any website. Zopache makes them easy to edit from anywhere in the world, using your regular web browser. No need to become a Unix System Administrator!


The initial release will not include Jade, but it is such an important technology., that I do want to mention it. 

Jade is a terse templating language for generating HTML. It hugely simplifies editing HTML. Regular HTML is really hard to edit.  You have to change both opening and closing tags, which may be quite far apart.  It is easy to make mistakes.  Jade solves this problem by getting rid of the closing tags.  instead indentation is used to control the page structure.  

Editing native HTML is hard enough.  Editing multi-lingual HTML becomes impossible. Jade makes it easy to edit multilingual web pages.  I am particularly interested in using it to allow people to edit their multilingual resumes online. 


Javascript objects are edited with the syntax checking Javascript editor. 

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