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Browser-Based Javascript IDE

In your browser, you create a tree of folders, and populate those folders with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jade and Image Objects.  Every object has its own URL, and can be displayed or edited. Text Objects  can be edited using the gorgeous syntax-checking ACE Editor.   HTML objects can also be edited with the WYSIWYG CkEditor.   Folders can be managed using the Zopache Management Interface (ZMI) which allows you to  rename, delete cut and copy any object.  Cut or copied objects can then be pasted anywhere in the tree.   

  •  Zopache is browser-based: no need to know Unix or install Node.js, all you need is a browser. 
  • Zopache is javascript-enabled; you can animate your web pages with Javascript, and debug them in your browser.  
  • Zopache is privacy-protecting you can control who has access to your professional information.  
  • Zopache  is an IDE, you can build and debug your entire web site with it. 
  • Zopache supports Acquisition: you can acquire templates, html fragments, and  images from a parent folder.

Basic Web Objects

Basic Web Objects make it easy to put up web pages.  Basic web objects include Folder, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Image, and File objects.  Folders allow you to create a tree of objects. Each object has its own URL.  HTML, CSS, and Javascript objects all hold the relevant content type and all support the gorgous browser-based ACE editor and syntax checker.   HTML objects also support the WYSIWYG ckEditor.  Image objects store images.   


Zopache Technology

Zopache is built on Persistent Python. ‚Äč     History is stored for a day.   If you make a mistake, it is easy to revert to a previous version.  Looks good with Bootstrap.   User navigation is great with Breadcrumbs and every page says which class and view are being looked at. There is also a ZMI and Acquisition.  All implemented on top of a modern Grok/ZTK/ZODB infrastructure. 


All about the ZODB.

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